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Screen blinds

Curated by leading contemporary designers, our selection of semi- transparent screen blinds is designed to add instant sophistication to your home.

Nature screen

With the look and feel of a natural, uneven weave, the nature screen is a unique fabric designed to complement any modern home.

Fine screen

This fabric has the most delicate weave structure of all screens, with a subtle metallic gloss that creates a slight sheen.

Soft screen

Available in five contemporary colours, the soft screen is a unique fabric offering a homely and natural feel to any room.

Linen screen

Available in five fashionable colourways, the linen screen uses different yarn colours to create a natural-feeling linen appearance.

Metallic screen

When exposed to the light, the metallic yarns within this fabric shimmer and create a high-tech accent to any interior.


A no-nonsense fabric designed to reduce UV, glare, and heat whilst still offering a semi-transparent view.


A chic, semi-transparent fabric with the effect of muslin but with all the practicality of polyester.

Sheerweave blackout

A wide width blackout fabric with a texture that looks like linen.

Screen blind features:

  • Superior quality
  • Easily maintained
  • Energy saving
  • Smart home control
  • Made to measure

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